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with apology to Black Elk for he speaks first

The Last Sunset

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The setting sun over the Olympic Range transpires its bright orange hue to yet another day that has ended to give way to a night that shall unfold its mysteries to those who hold within themselves the key that unlocks the unfathomable elements of a world within a world.

The day has shown its cumulative power in the form of a circumnavigating sphere of light and its glorious but dying reflections surrounded by a nimbus upon the rippling waters of Elliot Bay. It is the final effort for sustaining its supremacy over the marching regiments of darkness. The end, as always, predictable, inevitable.

The night begins to deliver its exponential power to the ultimate core of the day’s kernel by unwrapping its veils and piercing the armour at the junction where one reality touches and falls into the abyss of another. In those last pouring moments, like sand in the hour glass, the flooded waters of the night engulf and drown all evidence that pertains to the day’s reign upon the land.


Life comes around full cirle
Seattle, 26 floors above ground
October 15th 1991 

Written by Shahid Batalvi

May 7, 2008 at 5:41 pm

Posted in Human Expression

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