Shahid Batalvi Speaks

with apology to Black Elk for he speaks first

83-F Model Town Lahore – This was my home

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Yes it may look very amazing on video and makes for fasinating news but this was my home and above all, it was sixty years of ancesteral family memories. You, who are the perpetrator, may not have intended this to be the target of your agression but you are the cause of a deliberate action that resulted in loss of life, loss of property and loss of livelihood.

There is no forgiveness here.

My means are non-violent but my ends will make Dante’s purgatory feel like eternal paradise. I usually wait many lifetimes for my adversary to blink. Don’t blink. You have robbed innocent minds of a generation and taught them that violence and destruction in the name of religion will lead to salvation.  Violence begets violence and nothing else. I will steal the minds of your children and show them the way to the salvation of mankind. Don’t blink for your time is nigh. Hide your children for retribution is nigh.



Written by Shahid Batalvi

May 28, 2008 at 4:56 pm

Posted in Humanity

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