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Pakistan – Blame game is easy – Cleaning your home, not as much

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In the wake of the recent incident in Lahore, the city of my birth and the city that has been responsible for my formative years, I am re-posting something that I had written almost a year ago; something that all the major english daily newspapers of Pakistan had decided not publish since, at its crux, I was holding someone accountable and continue to do.
I am reminded of the RACI model that is followed when large contractual obligations are signed between parties and a responsibility matrix is defined as such. For every activity, known or anticipated, some people are Consulted, some are Informed, yet others are Responsible but eventually some or one is Accountable. In Pakistan, our fundamental challange is that irrespective of whatever form of govermental structure we have followed over the years, the Accountablity aspect has never been incorporated.
The primary driver in the evolutionary construct of a society is transparent accountability of one and all from top to bottom. Now before anyone wants to jump down my throat and give me examples of institutions such as the NAB (National Accountability Bureau) which are used by every regime to their personal advantage, I would say, save your breath and have a nice life.
As societies evolve, they need to develop frameworks that lend themselves to the ability to create institutions, that can dispense such accountability and the associated capability to ensure that such enactment of accountability is dispensed in a free, fair, and unbiased manner.
For a more detailed discourse, you may want to read the following:
March 4th, 2009

Written by Shahid Batalvi

March 4, 2009 at 8:17 am

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