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Deja Vu of a Deja Vu of a Deja Vu

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Since everything that is happening in Pakistan today has happened so many times before, I just have to take excerpts from my previous posts and paste them here again. 
I am reminded of something that Faiz Ahmed Faiz once said.
"aRae isSay bHee buRa haal hoGa. Yae sub kUch iS tRha he cHLta rHae Ga"
Maen Nae uS Sae Ye KaHa by Habib Jalib

…The only hope is the perpetual defiance by people like Habib Jalib in the face of any and all forms of inhuman, illegal and unconstitutional actions perpetrated by regimes on their own people in order to suppress independent, intellectual and academic criticism through any form of expression. This criticism is the very process that is the life and blood of the evolutionary construct of society. Human history has shown time and again that, in the end, basic human principles and their modes of expression cannot be suppressed forever.

Here is something from Habib Jalib that should be a stark reminder to all regimes and individuals that have abrogated constitutions for their personal advantage, usurped democratic governmental structure and then have tried to maintain control of all aspects of society through absolute power:

tuM Sae pHLay wO jo iK shKhs yeHan TKht nSheeN Tha
uS ko Bhi ApNay KhuDa HoNay pay itNa he YaKeeN Tha

Before you, that man who sat on the throne here
Was just as much convinced of being God, out here
PLD 1972 SC 139 and the Pakistani Judiciary
….As far as such a theory in law is concerned, it requires the non-coercive submission to a social order by the people and its accompanying Laws for it to be become a norm or ascend to acquiring normative qualities. Kelsen argues that the new order is a valid order if, "the individuals whose behaviour the order regulates behave, by and large, in conformity with the new order".

Of course, if the behaviour is regulated overtly through the tank’s turret or covertly through military intelligence then, by and large, there will be some conformity to the new order. This may continue until the socio-political, socio-cultural and socio-economic conditions in the country through the judicial endorsement and subsequent law enforcement of the new legal order result in dispossessing or causing sufficient political disenfranchisement of those whose behaviour is being regulated. At that stage, the country will deal with either yet another so called "new legal order" through yet another martial law or perhaps a sustained popular uprising by a select group or the masses which may or may not force the causation of a yet new "legal order" in the form of an "Emergency Order" to curb dissent or democratic elections to curb lawlessness and so on and so forth. As long as the Pakistani Judiciary, either by choice or under duress, continues to legitimize unconstitutional activity, this cycle will continue, forever.

The First Story
Tell me again, holy mother
The first story
When humanity had carried
That burning ember
From the erupting volcano
In searing hands, towards the cave
That thunderous night
With rivers of fire
Weary men watched your fury
Till dawn swept anew
Holy mother, your ancient warriors
They touched your body, with silent passion
You gave birth to hope, that burning night
And made ravaged mortals, a kingdom of men
Now your last warrior
With seared hands
Lays by the abyss
Water drips, on ashen embers
August 25, 2008
Dedicated to all who have died and will continue die in ethnic based violence in Palestine, Israel, Kashmir,
Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, El Salvador,
Yugoslavia, Namibia, Northern Ireland,  Angola, Mozambique, Cambodia  and many
other such lands where dispossessed humanity strives to find its salvation. 
Ethnic based violence has its roots in excessive socio-economic, socio-cultural and socio-political disparity
within and among nation states. This disparity, in turn, finds its basis in a delibrate and calculated
want, and not need, to maintain illiteracy, poverty and political disenfrancisement.
When a large swath of humanity is left marginalized and dispossessed for far too long in
far too many parts of the world, the affects will manifest themselves in ways that 
are now becoming visible. These affects are seemingly decoupled from their
actual causal chain but are associated with religious, ethnic and national
 contention and benefit the self-serving interests of the same.




Written by Shahid Batalvi

March 13, 2009 at 5:02 pm

Posted in Humanity

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