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Trash Heap of Time

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Translated from the transliterated punjabi section of "In The Name of The Father":
Murshid, where is that home
Murshid, it is that home, where few
Receive the honour
To reside
It is that home, to where
The journey
Is arduous
Murshid, when I awake, during the night
And lie whimpering on the trash heap of time
And think, perhaps this round
Might also be won, by the trash heap’s dogs
That I see
The doorway, to that home
Where you reside
There is never enough courage to knock
Lest permission is not granted, to enter
Or the door may open and I am told
The congregation is over
And another lifetime’s wait
Is my fate
Till the door opens, again
And the congregation begins
In these thoughts
Day turns to night and night to day
The trash heap of time waxes and wanes
I stumble, forward, sometimes backward
The trash heap’s dogs look at me, as if
I have the answer to their hunger
Man, having known, the answer
To man’s hunger
Does not act upon it
What will he do for a mere dog’s hunger
And then, the first light of morning
The trash heap of time gets left
Far behind
I walk, as always
The sound of the dhol
Friend, Murshid
The issue or
The soujorn
Is not a real challenge
But without you
The pain is immense
April 23, 2009

Written by Shahid Batalvi

April 23, 2009 at 4:32 pm

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