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Fear and then some

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I had written these words just two months ago. Things are moving too fast, even for my taste. Today I woke up with "Extraordinary Rendition" spinning in my head. The entire US population is now talking about torture and "waterboarding". The entire Pakistani population is now talking about the wolf at the door. There is an old song from Sting which has lyrics that say,"Too much information going through my brain, too much information driving me insane". The sanity threshold for human society has definitely dropped. Have you ever played connect the dots ? How come you see the problem only when it touches your nose ?
April 24, 2009
Fear and intimidation are tactics that have been used forever in human society. Access to information dictates fear and intimidation but use of information at the right place and the right time is the ultimate equalizer; especially when used in a court of law in a system where accountability still holds some sway. A life lived in fear is a wasted life; be it taliban’s fear, CIA’s fear, martial law’s fear, ISI’s fear or any other such intimidation. For then, I have truly failed. Sometimes the circumstances dictate that you have to shove your arm down fear’s throat and yank its tongue out because that is the only language it understands. This may come at a cost, for you may lose your arm. Sometimes choices have to be made to reconcile with your purpose in life and your obligation to human society.
Feburary 14, 2009

Written by Shahid Batalvi

April 24, 2009 at 1:25 pm

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