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Politically Primitive Country

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The transcript below is from Asia Times Online: May 16th, 2000
Ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s lawyers described Pakistan as a ”politically primitive” nation and not fit for democracy. ”[The] provisions relating to fundamental rights in our constitution are meant for highly sophisticated societies and not for a politically primitive country like Pakistan,” said Ijaz Batalvi, one of the lawyers of the deposed prime minister.

In its ruling on seven identical petitions challenging the October 12, 1999, toppling of Sharif’s elected government by the army, the apex court allowed three years for the military rulers to implement their programs.

Justifying former army chief Pervez Musharraf’s takeover under the ”doctrine of state necessity”, the court asked him to hold polls within 90 days of the granted period that expires on October 12, 2002.

To understand more about the so called "doctrine of state necessity" read:


Only a polically primitive country and its citizens can sit and watch dumbfounded while the legislative arm of its government enacts Nizam-e-Adl. Sadly, Pakistan remains not only polically but socially, culturally, economically and religiously a primitive country and for that matter, society. The irony of the distinction should not be lost on anyone. Before, anyone of the middle or upper middle class, intellectually superior thinking wonk, takes me to task on the previous statement, let me suggest that we are all part of the problem. When a country and a society, collectively perpetuates and propagates illiteracy, poverty and disenfrancement of a vast majority of its own people and continues to marginalize and treat others as sub-humans, consciously or not, then a time comes when humanity first begs, then asks and finally shoves its salvation down your throat. How long will you stay complicit to those aspects of society to which you have said all along that they are not your problem. Welcome to the new world. All you armchair problem solvers, your problem has come to a head. Hope you have nice life.

"HaMaree NiJaaT KaeSay HoGe"   aur jaisay Faiz nae kaha, "Kis trAh Aae Ge Jis RoZ Kaza Aae Ge"
April 27, 2009


Written by Shahid Batalvi

April 27, 2009 at 11:38 am

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