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The Wall of Facebook

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This is a wall on which people are writing. It is part of the same wall on which people have been writing and etching pictures for centuries.

If the universe has a creator then perhaps he has gotten tired and gone home. Will he come back one day and read all the words on this wall and all the other walls connected to it for centuries and what will he think? This human race considers itself to be superior to all living beings. This so called superior being which has yet to figure out in centuries, how to address humanity’s basic need of hunger and nakedness. Even with knowledge of the solution to the basic need, this being is unable to execute and apply the solution.

He will erase all words, all pictures and he will say, write again. Continue to write and write till that time that the intellect explodes and humanity learns how to live.

Perhaps that is what hell will be and we will all be part of it.


Yeh Aik deVar hae jis pae lOg likh rHae hEn. YeH uSi deVar ka ik hissa hae jis pae lOg sDyoN Sae likh rHae haen. NqsH tRash rHae haen.

aGr iS kaiNaat ko banaNay vala koe Hae to vo shaiD thak kR gHr ja cHuka hae. kYa vo aik din Aa kR is deVar aur is say JuRi hUe sB deVarOn pae likhay LfZ pRHae gA aur pHr keA soChay ga. YeH mKhluk jo apnay aAp ko ashraf-ul-mKhlukat sMjHti hae. iS mKhluk nae to iTni sDyon mEn inSaniAt ki phli zRuRt, bHook aur naNg, ko bhi hL naHeen keA. iS zRuRt ka hL maoJood Hotae huae bhi uSay LaHae aml tK naheen la ske.

Vo Tmaam LfZ, tmaam NqsH, miTA Dae ga, aur kHae ga, pHr sae lkHo. iTna likHo aur uS vKt tK likHo kae jB tK sHaoor phT Na Jae aur inSaniAt ko RHnay ke Tmeez Na Aa Jai.

ShaiD yeHe KayAmt aur doZkH ho gi aur hM sB uS maen shamil hOn Gae.

September 21, 2009


Written by Shahid Batalvi

September 21, 2009 at 6:47 pm

Posted in Human Expression

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