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Fourth Wave – Redux

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The information age has facilitated access to all information, anywhere, anytime but still somewhat in a tethered i.e. wired environment when observed from a global perspective. Harmonization of wireless technology platforms combined with evolution and convergence of services and service enablers will result in the untethered availability of any information to anyone globally. This will be the great equalizer for mankind. The impact and implications of this revolution on human society are going to be exponentially greater than those of the agrarian, industrial or information revolutions as such. The fact that the impact, of the prior waves or revolutions, has taken substantial time to permeate the entire planet has been one of the key drivers of man made inequality and inequity, which in turn has led to an imbalance of access, development, production, supply, demand and consumption of our planet’s resources.

This fourth wave will permeate into human society at a relatively faster pace and will result in becoming the great equalizer for mankind. The implication is not that it solves the geo-political or socio-economic ills of human society but provides a platform that serves as an equalizer. It would be no different than the use of the “Atlatl” as early as the Upper Paleolithic age (c. 30,000 BC) by Homo Sapiens. The Atlatl, as a device, became the social equalizer in that it required skill rather than mere muscle power. Information will become available to all through the Fourth Wave as an equalizer. Best use of this information, to overcome lingering global inequality and inequity, will also depend more on skill rather than mere muscle power.

Power structure of the world will fundamentally change in the Fourth Wave. It will become increasingly more and more challenging to continue to overtly or covertly disenfranchise the mass of society from the actual control structure, from an intra-nation perspective. Global economic or political advantage, competitive and comparative, maintained through control on information will rapidly diminish and geo-political balance will evolve from an inter-nation perspective. 

The man on the street uses the Atlatl (mobile device with media capture), the spear (services such as twitter, facebook and YouTube) and throwing skills (unmarked IP addresses, foreign hosted websites) to develop the equalizer against the muscle power of an entire regime.

 jLaLi FaqeeR

June 19, 2009


Written by Shahid Batalvi

February 19, 2011 at 12:34 am

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