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And what is Jahalat, Phaedrus?

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“Organized Fear is the mother of Willful Ignorance. Both rule humans through their manifest perversity.” – jLaLi FaqeeR

Willful Ignorance occurs when an individual will choose to disregard the facts that they may be aware of or simply not acknowledge them. A self-induced or externally motivated perpetuation of Willful Ignorance eventually results in the metastasization of Jahalat.

Jahalat, in and of itself, is the predictive behavioural outcome which, in turn, is the manifestation of the continual recurrence of Willful Ignorance.

“Jahalat is boundless but teaching Jahalat is a crime against humanity.” – jLaLi FaqeeR

Organized Fear comes in many forms and is perpetrated by various interest groups for their self serving benefits. These interest groups associate themselves with cultural, ethnic, religious, economic, national and other such constructs and, in turn,  create and propagate narratives to induce said Organized Fear in certain humans such that it overpowers their cognitive, analytical and rational abilities and they are unable to question these narratives. Over time, this Organized Fear gives birth to Willful Ignorance and its perpetuation results in Jahalat.


Written by Shahid Batalvi

February 26, 2013 at 10:09 pm

Posted in Analysis

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