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Maen Nae uS Sae Ye KaHa by Habib Jalib

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There are times when human nature in general, and a certain society in particular, fails to interpret the essence of its own failure. Means become the ends and the actual ends are lost with the process of time. Days and nights are spent in a state of oblivion. Individuals aware of this fact vanish without trace into the mists of history.

The only hope is the perpetual defiance by people like Habib Jalib in the face of any and all forms of inhuman, illegal and unconstitutional actions perpetrated by regimes on their own people in order to supress independent, intellectual and academic criticism through any form of expression. This criticism is the very process that is the life and blood of the evolutionary construct of society. Human history has shown time and again that, in the end, basic human principles and their modes of expression cannot be suppressed forever.

Here is something from Habib Jalib that should be a stark reminder to all regimes and individuals that have abrogated constitutions for their personal advantage, usurped democratic governmental structure and then have tried to maintain control of all aspects of society through absolute power:

tuM Sae pHLay wO jo iK shKhs yeHan TKht nSheeN Tha
uS ko Bhi ApNay KhuDa HoNay pay itNa he YaKeeN Tha

Before you, that man who sat on the throne here
Was just as much convinced of being God, out here


  And then fifty or so years after the poem was written …



How can you suppress the concept of basic human values
 and principles and their modes of expression




Written by Shahid Batalvi

May 24, 2008 at 5:06 pm

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